About ADSC and its Industry Advancement Fund (IAF)

ADSC: The International Association of Foundation Drilling is an organization of contractors, manufacturers, suppliers, and engineers in the foundation drilling and anchored earth retention system industries. ADSC’s goals for industry improvement recognize the need to invest in education and research and thus the Industry Advancement Fund was formed in 1986. Over the past twenty-four years, 275 scholarships have been awarded. These scholarships are intended to stimulate the involvement of highly qualified engineers in the industry, and the use and research of drilled shafts and anchored earth retention systems.

To Apply for the Industry Advancement Fund scholarship program, please Register at the link above to create an account. Your application will be submitted through Survey Monkey Apply. In addition, you will use this account to request two Letters of Recommendation, as well as upload your transcripts. Once your letters of recommendation, and your transcripts are loaded, you will be able to submit your application through Survey Monkey Apply. 

If you have questions, please contact Emily Matthews, ematthews@adsc-iafd.com.

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